*The Message*

-  Vageza Vanttanna speaks for the individuals who understand the importance of purpose, the value of finding it and staying true to it.
- For individuals who have chosen to represent themselves, how they see themselves,

Dont matter if you wanna be a lawyer or a baller.

You're welcome if you're still finding purpose
...Welcome if you've found it 
...Welcome if you represent yourself how you see yourself. 



- Products can only be returned withindays of purchase.

How long will shipping take?
- Average shipping time 10 to 20 days depending on location.

How do I contact you for special enquiries?
Always remember, you can contact us by signing up on the website.
- Just click on the "Contact" page and send your message.

Whats the fastest place you ship to?
- Anywhere in England would take 8 days on average.

Shipping to the United States takes 10 - 15.

Shipping to other countries in the United Kingdom (besides England) and other European countries would take 10-15 days whilst Asia and Africa would take 20 - 25 days.

Shipping starts at the end of the drop when the store has been closed.


Thank You.